Why should I train my dog?
It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog safe from its surroundings and keep others safe from your dog. Don’t assume your puppy will grow out of its bad behavior; it won’t.  Training your dog allows you to form a healthy bond with your dog and allows you more freedom to leave your dog at home or take it with you in public. A well-behaved, confident, and secure dog is essential to your own peace of mind, as well as, the happiness of your dog.

At what age should I start training my puppy?
When you first get it home. It is essential to start lessons such as name recognition, recall, and crate/potty training immediately. Dan can start teaching you to communicate with your puppy as early as 8-12 weeks. Although all dogs eventually need to learn the same commands, training goals vary by age. As with all lessons, consistency will be the key to your success and expedite your puppy’s retention. 

What is Dan’s training technique?
After 25 years of honing his dog-training skills, Dan describes his training philosophy as “dominance without aggression.” This means guiding your dog through confidence and leadership, rather than behaving aggressively towards them to try and make them listen.  Dogs are pack animals that will either lead or follow; they prefer to follow the pack leader.  You are the pack leader.  They are learned animals who want their decisions made for them in a consistent manner. Dan teaches you how to communicate with your dog through energy (body language and positioning) and commands to gain control of your dog’s behavior so you can create a respect-based relationship.

How many sessions will it take for Dan to fix my dog’s behavior issue?
Dan books one initial one-hour session. While every dog is different, most behavioral issues can be significantly improved with one lesson. Dan doesn’t really fix your dog. He gets you and your dog on track by providing you with the tools to communicate effectively with your dog and teaching you to make decisions for your dog. Training your dog takes time, practice, and consistency. The more time you put in with your dog, the better the results you will see. You are encouraged to attend Dan’s free monthly group walks as an extension of your lesson. Dan also offers free phone, email, and text support after the session to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You may also submit your follow-up issues via our web contact form. Perhaps it will be an entry on our new blog.

Will you teach me to train my dog?
Yes. Dan works with dogs and owners to get dogs on track and provide owners with what they need. You will be given a list of proven commands with which to practice. Practicing daily and staying consistent will ensure successful results.

Can an older dog really be trained?
A dog can be trained at any age with the right communication. Dan has worked with and successfully trained dogs of all ages including mature rescue dogs with the most severe behavior issues.

What can I expect from a 1 hour session?
Dan works with you at our 12.000sq ft facility to address the behavioral concerns you have. Most importantly, he will explain and show you how a dog’s behavior is dependent upon the transfer of energy from human to dog. Dan will teach you how a dog thinks and communicates, which helps you understand your dog when you are giving commands. He will show you how behavior change begins with the walk. This is where you will see communicating is all about energy. Dan will teach you how to make pro-active decisions for you and your dog by being teaching you how to be the leader--not by using treat-based coercion. You are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the session. Dan is not just training your dog, he is training you.

What do I need for my training session with Dan?
Dan uses only a few training tools. A Walk N Train Head Halter, a list of all problem behaviors, and wish-list of good behaviors is all that’s needed for most cases. We will let you know if something else is required for your session.

What is the cost of a one-hour training session?
Please remember, Dan is unique in that he does NOT require a multiple-session commitment. You will likely see a significant difference in your dog’s behavior immediately as long as you continue to implement the discipline and training strategies Dan provides. Call us for pricing details.

How do I pay for the session?

Payment is due after the completion of the lesson by cash, check or credit card. We do take a $50 deposit for lessons booked.

What happens after the session?
Practice, practice, practice! Remember that you are changing behaviors that may have taken years to establish--both your own and the dog's! Dogs observe patterns and schedules and take approximately 2-3 weeks to adapt to new behaviors. You are encouraged to attend Dan’s free  group walks (held usually every 6-8 weeks) as an extension of your lesson. Be patient in the process, be proactive in the lessons learned, be positive, and call, email, or text with questions. That’s what Dan is here for.

What if my dog regresses?
A dog doesn’t really “regress” if you are practicing with the proper strategies and techniques and staying consistent. If you have behavior issues after your session with Dan, we’d like to address them as soon as possible. We value your time and money and want you to be satisfied. Dan also offers free phone, email, and text support after your session to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How soon can Dan start training my dog?
We do our best to book clients in as soon as possible.  Dan is in high-demand because he gets results! Expect a one- to two-week waiting period for most appointments. Dan Camp scheduling is harder to predict. Please call with questions concerning availability of Dan Camp and/or one-hour appointments.

What are your group walks all about? Can anyone join?
Because of his commitment to your dog’s ongoing learning, Dan hosts group walks as an extension of your lesson approximately every 6-8 weeks in San Francisco. This is an opportunity to socialize your dog with others, work with Dan in-person, and ask any questions. This is a perk to being a client of Dan’s. You are included on the email list about these group walks once you have completed your one-hour session.

Is Dan Camp offered for fewer than four weeks?
Not at this time. Dan works very hard to train the right behaviors into the dogs in Dan Camp, and to ensure success, cannot offer the same training in less time. We do offer shorter term boarding and training that is priced per week, however. Please call for details.

What can I expect from a one-month (Dan Camp) session?
Dan Camp is an intensive, month-long board and train program. Dan uses this time to correct several issues such as separation anxiety, potty training, crate training, socialization, and more. The most important and useful benefit to Dan Camp is a dog's exposure to the big city life. Dan teaches his Dan Camp dogs how to deal with life in a bustling metropolis by walking the streets of San Francisco. What you gain is a dog that is confident and calm in any situation that may arise. Dan also works closely with owners to transition the training from his facility to your home. This is a partnership, and while Dan can do a large majority of training the “basics,” it is still up to you to continue the training consistently in your home.  Please be advised, due to the nature of what Dan does and the dedicated hours he invests in your dog during Dan Camp, there is a no refund policy.

What makes Dan Camp unique?
Dan Camp is a board and train program that allows dogs to come home on the weekends. This allows owners to have some visitation time, as well as time to work on transitions between Dan’s training and their own home. Dan works extensively with owners both during and after Dan Camp to establish good habits and provide them with the results they desire for their dogs.

What happens when my dog comes home from Dan Camp?
Your dog will need time to adjust to the transition into its home. Dogs are predatory animals, therefore they track patterns and habits. Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks to transition and adjust to its new routine and commands. Be consistent in your training, join Dan’s group walks, and text, email or call with any issues.

Can Dan help my aggressive dog?
Yes! One of Dan's areas of expertise is working with aggressive dogs, especially in a private session. Due to the interactive nature of Dan Camp, severely aggressive dogs will need to be evaluated prior to enrollment.

What is required before my dog can come in for daycare or boarding?
Your dog will need to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, and bordetella before boarding or daycare can occur. We also require a boarding and/or daycare contract to be filled out in full before their stay. WE MUST HAVE PROOF OF THESE VACCINES BEFORE YOUR DOG CAN BE DROPPED OFF. WE WILL TURN YOUR DOG AWAY IF WE DO NOT HAVE VACCINATION RECORDS UPON DROPOFF!

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