Puppy Training



Nothing evokes the same warm, squishy feeling as tiny new puppy squirming around in your arms…until you are cleaning up after them at every turn, trying to keep them from chewing everything in the house, or listening helplessly as they howl uncontrollably when you leave.


We here at Dan Perata Training don’t just specialize in “problem” dogs! In fact, getting your puppy off on the right foot by training, socializing, and learning how to communicate with him/her is essential to developing your little monster into a companion who’s company you can enjoy for years to come.


Whether this is your first puppy or your fifth, working with Dan and our trainers at our facility can allow you the peace of mind to know you are creating a calm, confident leadership for your pup. We offer 1x1 training classes as well as a really fun and interactive puppy boot camp that allows the time and consistency it takes to train a new puppy. A core part of our training program is to teach you through lessons along to way to ensure that you know how to maintain the great behaviors the puppy is learning.   


We take in puppies as young as 8 weeks and we are experts in building a great foundation that will make huge differences during every stage of his development!


Give us a call today and we will set up a free consult, tour and evaluation of your newest furry family member!


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