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Dedicated 1 on 1 session focused on you and your relationship with man's best friend.

Experience Drives Results

I am a unique, one-of-a-kind dog trainer. My specialty is a one-on-one private session helping you to address and solve the problem behaviors your dog is exhibiting. Each program that I design is individualized for each dog and family. In many cases, I can improve problem behaviors dramatically in just one hour.

Dominance Without Aggression

After 25 years of observing dog behavior and communicating with dogs, I would describe my training technique as “dominance without aggression.” What this means is dogs are pack animals that will either lead or follow, but prefer to follow. They are learned animals and want their decisions made for them in a consistent manner. I will teach you how to communicate with your dog through energy (body language and positioning) and commands to gain control of your dog’s behavior and create a respect-based relationship. Simply put, you can be dominant while training your dog without being aggressive. Aggression only creates barriers between you and your dog.

Being my client doesn’t stop when the class or session ends. All follow-up support, including phone calls, emails, and text messages is free and unlimited. I want you and your dog to continue to improve your working relationship, and I know that occasionally you might run across a new problem to solve. I am committed to partnering with you for the continued success and happiness of your pet and family. With training, persistence and consistency, your pet can transition into a well-mannered and properly socialized dog. With exercise, a healthy diet and clear instruction from you, your dog will be reliable at all times. After training with me, you and your pet will be on your way to a lasting and loving relationship!

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