At DPT we have a short list of goals. Once your dog masters these behaviors, you will have an amazing, well-trained dog:

We want a dog that is crate trained. Crate training can also eliminate future behavioral issues, highlighted by preventing separation anxiety. It allows you to pattern an effective elimination schedule (that’s a fancy way of saying Step A of potty training) and it gives your dog a place that’s all its own--a crate is not a cage, it’s a den.

Potty Training (enough said).

Proper socialization with dogs and people. This is how we instill confidence in all dogs.

Leash skills (so we can eventually get your dog off-leash). Have you ever known the joy of an off-leash dog?

Basic commands. There are only three that matter. They may or may not surprise you.

TRAINING YOU. Time + patience + practice + consistency: It will be your new mantra.

Our end goal is that through developing mutual trust and love, you have a confident dog that is fully integrated into your family.
Like we said earlier, our clients tend to come in three categories--and it’s the same for our board and training programs. From the tiniest of puppies to traumatized rescues, our patient, consistent and gentle methods might take more time, but will have more lasting results. It takes 4-6 weeks to form a new healthy habit, which is why it’s the length of our camp.
You may find that your puppy or dog fits one or more of these categories:

Our clients often bring us their puppies straight from the breeder. It is essential to begin teaching name recognition, recall, and crate/potty training immediately. We can begin teaching you to communicate with your puppy as early as eight weeks. Although all dogs eventually need to learn the same commands, training goals vary by age. As with any training, consistency will be the key to your success and expedite your puppy’s retention.

Post-adolescent dogs:
Have you recently gotten a wonderful dog who doesn’t know his name, or has other issues related to a lack of training? An untrained dog at any age is a lot like having an unruly teenager: they’re messy, they don’t listen, they don’t come home when you tell them to, they’re socially awkward, they’re full of hormones and they eat up all the data on your phone plan (actually, that’s only the teenagers).

Behavioral Issues:
We specialize and work with the full range of behavior issues--from reactivity and aggression, to every kind of anxiety. These are issues that are way beyond handing your dog a treat or punishing them. We will teach you how to replace unhealthy habits and behaviors. We know from experience that even the least trained dogs have a really good boy or good girl in them. All you need to do is show up with patience and commitment. We successfully handle any and all of these issues.
Please inquire for pricing.
Dan Camp is our tailored board and train program. It’s our specialty! Dogs are with us Monday through Friday and return home on the weekends, which allows balanced training time at the facility and practice time at home. What makes our program unique is that you participate in the success of the program. We’re training you too!

We use you and your dog’s time at Dan Camp to teach basic obedience and good habits (crate and potty-training for puppies, leash skills, basic commands, staying calm and socialization with other dogs and people) as well as correcting/addressing other issues such a separation anxiety, aggression, fear and reactivity. We simulate real-world scenarios here at the facility and expose them to big city life by walking the streets of San Francisco. This allows structured exposure and training on how to deal with other dogs, people and distractions. At the same time we are also recreating and perfecting in-home behaviors. The outcome is a dog that is confident and calm in every environment – a confident dog is a happy dog!

This is a partnership, and while much of the training will be done by us in the facility, teaching you and your dog on the ‘basics,’ it’s up to you to continue the training consistently in your home so it sticks. This is an intensive and immersive program. We work with you during and after Dan Camp to establish and reinforce good habits to achieve optimum results. On-going support is provided through follow-up lessons after camp graduation. This is included in the camp price.

Please inquire for pricing.
Nothing evokes the same warm, melting feeling as a tiny new puppy wriggling around in your arms…until you’re cleaning up at every turn, racing to keep them from chewing everything in the house, helplessly watching your rugs and shoes be destroyed and cringing as they howl uncontrollably when you leave the room or your house. You’re tired and frustrated that your pup doesn’t ‘get it’ no matter what you try to do. We can help!

Your puppy is a fluffy infant with teeth like razor blades and really bad manners (irreverent, but true). It is important that your puppy starts to learn what is expected from him from day 1! Anything you can think of that a puppy might do, we address it. In fact, giving your puppy a jump start on great behavior and getting you both off on the right foot (and paw!) Training, socializing, and learning how to communicate with each other is essential! We will help tame your adorable little monster into a beloved companion whose company you can enjoy for a lifetime.

We accept puppies as young as eight weeks and are experts in building a great foundation that will make a huge difference during every stage of development! And don’t worry-- puppy training is modified. If you are not traveling, you get to take your puppy home every weekend! We require you to be an active participant in your puppy’s success. And after camp, we are here for additional training issues as they may come up. Remember: dogs are considered puppies until they’re 18 months old!

The three main elements of puppy training are:

Crate Training /Potty training – establishing a routine that works for you!
Proper Socialization - you should be able to trust your pup in any situation
Confidence Training – using love and trust your pup will quickly learn their place in your family

It’s essential to begin training your puppy as soon as you bring it home and to start teaching all the basics, including :name recognition recall, crate training, and housebreaking right away. DPT can start teaching you to communicate with your puppy as early as eight weeks old. Although all dogs eventually need to learn the same commands, training goals vary by age – and as with all lessons, consistency will be the key to success.

Whether this is your first puppy or your fifth, working with our DPT trainers will give you the peace of mind you need to be assured you’re fostering a well-adjusted, balanced dog and learning how to develop calm, confident leadership for your pup. Our fun and interactive puppy camp will allow you the time, and consistency that it takes to properly train your puppy. A core part of our training program is to ensure that we teach you, through lessons and lots of hands-on practice, how to maintain and reinforce the ideal behaviors your puppy is learning.

Reach out to set up a complimentary consultation. You’ll meet the trainers, tour the facility and see why our training program of love, praise and attention is the modality that works best for all dogs. Works for humans too.

Please inquire for pricing.
Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to address a specific issue and are sold in a package of two. One-on-one training is not designed for comprehensive behavior modification. We’re not going to be able to address aggression, separation anxiety, or other intense behavior issues in a session or two.

If you are dealing with a specific training issue that is non-behavioral; for example: recall, leash skills, or a specific training command, we offer private training at our facility in packages of two. We can occasionally accommodate in-home sessions as well.

We do have a few options for private training:

Private training at the facility in packages of 2.
Private training at your home, 2 hour minimum including drive time.
Private training in The Box (see below) in packages of 2

Please inquire for pricing.
Dan discovered many years ago, that when a dog is walking or running, they cannot respond to a stimulus that would trigger a behavioral response. Dogs must stop moving to react! With that in mind, we invented a system that we call The Box:

The Box is our revolutionary and patent pending motion-based training system. We can address some of the most challenging behaviors in a secure environment by safely introducing virtual versions of almost any auditory stimuli (skateboards, other dogs barking, the vacuum cleaner, fireworks, alien invasions*, etc.) that would normally evoke a negative, aggressive or fearful response in a dog. Using this method, we can gently but quickly and effectively detune those behaviors in a controlled setting, ensuring safety for the dog, the owner and our trainers – things that are much more difficult and sometimes dangerous to manage in the real world.

This is a fun, engaging enriched experience that gets remarkable results and translates to one of our core principles; confidence for both the dog and owner.

*Alien invasion sample sounds not included. Owner must provide.

Please inquire for pricing.
The first thing to know is we are the ONLY training-based boarding and daycare program in the Bay area. this means everything we do is focused on good behavior and every interaction is closely supervised by staff and is training-based. And bonus! Even if your pup is not currently enrolled in our camp program we’re still working on all of the commands, good manners, great walking habits, and proper socialization that makes a good dog a great dog. And just like our training programs, we use NO pain methods, and we do not bribe with treats. Instead, we focus on building your dog’s confidence by maintaining consistency with love, pets and praise.

Our goal is always to return a pup to you that’s as good if not better than when you dropped off - that includes health and wellness. We record and chart everything from bodily functions to feeding and medication (or just cute photos of your pup). Because we work with a variety of dogs- we ensure your pup is socializing with those similar in size, age, and temperament. Your pups will never be free-roaming with a dog that they won't get along with; we take the safety of your pup very seriously. Your pups will each be assigned their own kennel for the duration of their stay which is sanitized thoroughly before and after their visit, just like a hotel room. A manager is always on the floor so we can provide updates whenever you wish, just send us an email and we’ll respond ASAP.

Next to training our biggest priority is keeping the place tidy and sanitary. We use pet-safe, nontoxic, kennel-rated cleaning products across our facility.

All pups must come in for a free evaluation before any daycare or boarding can be scheduled.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have and below you’ll find our nightly boarding rates and daily daycare rates. We’re looking forward to working with you and your pups.
We are the Bay Area’s only training-based boarding and daycare service. Family owned, operated and centrally located near San Francisco International Airport, Dan Perata Training has been helping dogs and their owners for over a decade. We are now accepting both boarding and day care clients with behavior evaluation/temperament test and approval by our senior trainers. We gladly offer discounts for first responders, teachers and civil servants.

Puppy training and boarding sf
Puppy Boarding
Daycare Playtime
Training for agressive dogs and dogs with other behavioural issues
Training while Boarding
Dog Daycare (Monday-Friday)
Daycare services are for Monday - Friday. Dogs are welcome to be dropped off and picked up between 8AM-7PM.

Puppies $80/day

  • Training Clients $50/day

Non-Agressive Dogs $55/day

  • Training Clients $50/day

Agressive Dogs $100/day

  • Training Clients $50/day

* Discounted packages available for multiple days or multiple dogs
Boarding (Monday - Thursday)
Boarding dogs drop off and pick up times are Monday - Thursday between 8AM-7PM.

Puppies $100/night

  • Training Clients $90/night

Non-Agressive Dogs $100/night

  • Training Clients $90/night

Agressive Dogs $150/night

  • Training Clients $100/night

* Discounted packages available for multiple nights or multiple dogs
Boarding (Friday - Sunday and holidays)
Boarding dogs drop off and pick up times on Friday are between 8AM-7PM. Weekends and holidays are 8AM-2PM and 3PM-7PM. *Holidays include holiday weeks.

Puppies $150/night

  • Training Clients $120/night

Non-Agressive Dogs $135/night

  • Training Clients $120/night

Agressive Dogs $175/night

  • Training Clients $150/night

* Discounted packages available for multiple nights or multiple dogs
Part of our commitment to our clients is making sure we’re here for you for as long as you need us. Once you have graduated from one of our programs there are multiple options to continue reinforcing the training. From Zoom sessions, classes, and/or private sessions, our commitment to you is for the life of your dog. Whether it’s a regression or a new issue, the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get you back on track.

We can't wait to hear from you. We work with clients to make sure our services are affordable so please feel free to message or call us and see how we can help on your journey to having a confident dog that is fully integrated with your family.
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