Before training
    Why should I train my dog?
    It’s your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog safe from its surroundings and keep others safe from your dog. Don’t assume your puppy will grow out of its bad behavior; it won’t. Training your dog allows you to form a healthy bond with your dog and allows you more freedom to leave your dog at home or take it with you in public. A well-behaved, confident, and secure dog is essential to your own peace of mind, as well as, the happiness of your dog.
    At what age should I start training my puppy?
    When you first get it home. It is essential to start lessons such as name recognition, recall, and crate/potty training immediately. Dan can start teaching you to communicate with your puppy as early as 8-12 weeks. Although all dogs eventually need to learn the same commands, training goals vary by age. As with all lessons, consistency will be the key to your success and expedite your puppy’s retention.
    What do I need for my training session with DPT?
    We will inform you of everything you need before your session, but comfortable closed toe shoes and focus are always required.
    How soon can DPT start training my dog?
    We are in high demand because we get results. We do our best to book clients in as soon as possible. Expect a one- to two-week waiting period for private lessons. It is important to reach out to us as soon as possible; many of our clients with new dogs or puppies reserve their spots at DPT months in advance.
    Dan Camp scheduling is harder to predict. Please call with questions concerning availability of Dan Camp and/or one-hour appointments.
    What is required before my dog can come in for daycare or boarding?
    To use our boarding or daycare services, your dog will either have to be screened or actively enrolled or have graduated from one of our training programs. Your dog will need to be up to date with all vaccinations. (We will turn your dog away from any reservation if your vaccinations are not up to date.)

    About training
    Why a board and training program instead of individual lessons?
    At DPT we focus on habit based learning and consistency with love and praise as the reward. Everything we do in our facility is training based, meaning from the minute your pup wakes up to the minute we put your pup to bed, we are constantly and consistently reinforcing the training goals. But because your involvement is crucial, you get to take your dog home every weekend and you are required to train with your dog. It’s why we provide free follow up to make sure that the lessons learned work permanently.
    What is DPT’s training technique?
    Our technique is based on positive reinforcement; We choose to use love and praise instead of cookies. They are learned animals who want their decisions made for them in a consistent manner. Dan teaches you how to communicate with your dog through energy (body language and positioning) and commands to gain control of your dog’s behavior so you can create a respect-based relationship.
    Why doesn’t DPT use food bribes?
    Because in the long term it fails. This might seem counter intuitive, but treats work against your dog's basic nature. Love and praise is the most effective in the long term.
    How long does it take to "fix" my dog’s behavior issues?
    We start with a free consultation and evaluation. While every dog is different, we will help you identify the issues during the consultation and come up with a training plan. And, DPT doesn’t really fix your dog. We get you and your dog on track by providing you with the tools to communicate effectively with them and teaching you to make the best possible decisions for your dog. Training your dog takes time, practice, and consistency, and the more time you put in with them, the better the results you will see.
    Will you teach me to train my dog?
    Yes. DPT works with dogs and owners to get dogs on track and provide owners with what they need. You will be given a list of proven commands with which to practice. Practicing daily and staying consistent will ensure successful results.
    Can an older dog really be trained?
    A dog can be trained at any age with the right communication. DPT has worked with and successfully trained dogs of all ages including mature rescue dogs with the most severe behavior issues.
    What is Dan Camp and what can I expect from it?
    Dan Camp is an intensive, four-to-six week (or longer) training program. Because our goal is to create healthy habits and pattern new behaviors, we use this time to reach our shared training goals. The most important and useful benefit to Dan Camp is a dog's exposure to big city life. DPT teaches our Dan Camp dogs how to deal with life in a bustling metropolis by walking the streets of San Francisco. What you gain is a dog that is confident and calm in any situation that may arise. Dan also works closely with owners to transition the training from his facility to your home.
    What makes Dan Camp unique?
    Dan Camp is a modified board and train program that allows dogs to come home on the weekends. This allows you to practice and reinforce what you and your dog have learned during the week, greatly accelerating you and your dog’s progress as a well-adjusted and happy canine with great habits.
    Is Dan Camp offered for fewer than four weeks?
    At this time, Dan Camp is not offered for fewer than four weeks. We work very hard to teach the correct behaviors at camp and cannot ensure success in less time. However, we charge a flat fee for Dan Camp, so if your dog needs a little more time, you will not incur additional costs. It takes a minimum of four weeks to form a healthy habit!
    Can DPT help my aggressive dog?
    Yes! We have years of successful experience dealing with dog behavior from the simplest to the most complex and severe. No dog is a lost cause!

    After training
    What happens after training?
    Practice, practice, practice! Remember that you are changing behaviors that may have taken years to establish--both your own and the dog's! You are encouraged to attend group classes, join zoom sessions, and follow up sessions as an extension of your training. In most cases this follow up training is included for free!
    Be patient in the process, be proactive in the lessons learned, be positive, and call, email, or text with questions. That’s what we are here for.
    What if my dog regresses?
    A dog doesn’t really “regress” if you are practicing with the strategies and techniques we’ve taught you and are staying consistent with training. (Consistency is key!) If you have behavior issues after your training with us, reach out to us as soon as possible. We value your time and money and want you to be happy with the results of your training. DPT also offers free follow up after your sessions to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can’t help get you back on track without you letting us know what’s going on!
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We recommend a thin, six-foot leash that you can hold comfortably folded up several times in one hand as well as a 15 or 20 foot long-line lead, non-retractable.

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We recommend a hard plastic crate sized appropriately: Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in their crate. However, make sure to not purchase a crate that’s too large; for puppies, if they’re too large, they will eliminate in them. You will go through a few crates through your puppy’s life cycle until you no longer need one. The end goal is no crate.

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